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League Representatives


All eligible leagues have voice and vote at all SJNBA meetings. We strongly urge all leagues to appoint a representative. Leagues are the direct representation of this organization's membership and so it is extremely important to be present for all meetings.


4th Street Bowl
Nikkei Mixed Fours Monday 7:30 PM Dick Horio, Naomi Tomisaka
4th Street Bowl Ozzies Mixed Trios Tuesday 7:30 PM Tammy Ohta
4th Street Bowl
Tuesday Sansei Mixed Tuesday 9:30 PM Dale Ando
4th Street Bowl San Jose Nikkei Seniors Tuesday 9:00 AM Betty Fujii, Steve Doi, Vince Itatani
4th Street Bowl Weds. Sansei Mixed Wednesday 9:30 PM Dale Ando
4th Street Bowl 4th St. Mixed Trios Friday 7:30 PM Yosh Hiraki
4th Street Bowl Nisei Juniors Sunday 10:00 AM Yosh Hiraki





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