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Membership in this Association is open to those of Japanese ancestry bowling in Association sanctioned leagues and to those who qualify as a member of an Association sanctioned league. The following specifications are for existing and new leagues with Non-Nisei bowlers requesting admission to the Association.


The term Nisei as applied herein shall include all persons of Japanese ancestry. A bowler not of Japanese ancestry but whose spouse is of Japanese ancestry will be considered Japanese. New leagues must be at least 51% Nisei members and be comprised of at least 24 members. Existing association leagues must be comprised of at least 51% Nisei bowlers at the beginning of the winter league season. Substitutes may not be counted as a part of the total number of Nisei bowlers.


If the previous recognized league is in compliance with Article III, Sec. 1b at the beginning of the winter season, but during the season they fall out of compliance it will still be recognized by the Association for that season.


If the previous recognized league is not in compliance with Article III, Sec. 1b at the beginning of the winter season it will not be recognized by the Association, The league bowlers from the previous year will be given the opportunity to join the Association by paying the current membership fee. This will entitle the bowler to the same benefits as a regular member.


Any member may be expelled from the Association for any wanton violation of the Constitution and/or Bylaws of USBC and/or Association. Appeals of such expulsion will be heard by the Board of Directors within ten days from date of expulsion or at a date agreeable to both parties.

Dues for regular members shall be twenty dollars ($20.00) for a twelve month period beginning of each Winter League.

Honorary members may be nominated by the general membership and elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Honorary members may participate in Association meetings but will not have the power to make motions or vote and will not pay dues.


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